[Hunter Lane] Interested in Miss "Missy" Momo [Mule]

Miss "Missy" Momo [Mule]

Miss "Missy" Momo [Mule]

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Miss "Missy" Momo

"Missy" is available for lease for trail riding, packing, and camping. 
  • Molly mule for in-barn half or full lease ($250 or $500 / month)
  • 16 year old, 16.1HH blue sabino molly mule
  • Tennessee Walker X Mammoth Donkey
  • Lease includes use of saddle, pad, and bridle.
She leads, ties, clips, trailer loads enthusiastically, and unloads easily. She loves all trails, the steeper and rockier the better, though she enjoys casual strolls as well. She has three smooth gaits (walk trot and canter, no pace). She is easily rideable by beginners. She has solid training but is not overly sensitive. She is fine with being ridden daily, weekly, or can be left alone for weeks and ridden again without needing legging up. 

Her ideal rider is between 90lbs and 260lbs, and at 16HH she is comfortable for tall riders.

She loves obstacle courses, but prefers long miles on the trail. She is very comfortable bareback. We have yet to see her encounter an obstacle that she could not navigate on her own. 

Missy was used as a hunting mule for 10+ years, and they said she is fine with gunshots but we have not tested this. She stands quietly for loading and unloading of saddle bags and panniers. She is sensible with groups and doesn't mind being lead horse or bringing up the rear.  

Missy would be an ideal "husband" horse, or for someone regaining their confidence on the trail. She has been ridden and packed everywhere from the beach to the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Leasee must provide proof of insurance, and must provide their own transportation to and from trail rides. Missy will continue to live at Hunter Lane, and overnight trips need to be approved by her owner. All of Missy's meals will be provided by Hunter Lane, including hay bags for trips.